"Today, I let my prayers be answered. I am willing to let miracles happen in my life."
-Louise Hay



Earth House Gallery

Wellness Coaching. Art Therapy. Reiki Practitioner. Essential Oils


Welcome to Earth House Gallery. I am so excited to work with you to achieve your health and wellness goals. I congratulate you on finding your way here, and empowering yourself to take your wellness journey into your own hands. 

Holistic Healing, Spiritual Counselling, and Art Therapy have gained tremendous popularity over the past several decades. In our busy and often stressful lives, rebalancing our minds and bodies to attune with the natural rhythm and cycles of nature is more important than ever before. I believe these neglected needs can present themselves as anxiety, illness, depression, or a deep sense of longing for a different life. My passion is helping people to listen to and interpret these messages in order to guide them towards a healthier and happier expression of themselves. We all face adversity in our lives, and knowing how to best respond to the call of profound change is integral in how you will move forward from where you now stand. 

My interest in this work began while experiencing first hand the positive difference that alternative therapies had on my own personal healing journey. It is my vocation to empower others by helping them to realize their own inherent power to heal themselves and live more joyous lives. I believe that true healing begins with a thought; a calling back to oneself; that whatever type of suffering we come to know in this life is merely a chance to pause, listen and respond in a way that promotes a better understanding of ourselves.


I begin by exploring the mind and body connection-through discussion, guided questions, and energy work. The process begins by helping clients focus on becoming aware of how specific thoughts and beliefs have shaped their current life circumstances, and how these can be shifted through movement, guided visualizations, artistic expression, healthy eating, and positive self-care practices. 

It is often the smallest changes that can have the most profound impact. 



I work as a school counsellor and teacher in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My professional background is in the Fine Arts and Education. I am a certified Reiki practitioner, and practice yoga and meditation regularly. I am always continuing to expand my knowledge and deepen my understanding of the mind-body connection through workshops, courses and special training in alternative therapies. Along with my passion for sharing the benefits of essential oils, I love creating delicious culinary experiences and self care remedies for healing the body and feeling great!  Check out essential oil products and resources at Anne's Doterra page. 




"I recently went to see her at her home in Toronto.  It was a new experience for me- someone who has been through so many health challenges in the medical system, it was the first time I felt like I was really heard. I am learning to accept myself where I am. At my session, I learned about the importance of slowing down and listening to my own intuition. Reiki was my first experience of this kind. I have never felt so relaxed and in touch with my inner self." - L. Farmer, Toronto On. 

Anne is a sensitive, warm, and caring soul... She values and promotes the well-being of the whole person:  physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual...She draws on her vast experience as a teacher, an artist, a Reiki practitioner, and as an on-going patient in our health-care system. She is a wonderful collaborator who gets things done. She is bright, intuitive, and genuinely empathetic."-N. Lue Tam, Director of the Arts @ Private School, Toronto. ON

“Anne is a spiritual and creative person, devoted to living a lifestyle meant to inspire and empower others to realize their health and creative goals. Her joyful and creative energy is a gift meant to be shared." -Laura Kerr @ laurakerrlifedesign.com




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Upcoming Workshop in Toronto- Align With Your Devine Self

Please join me, and two of my amazing wellness warrior friends (Jessica Younker and Laura Kerr) who are well versed in wellness, for a "soul-fueled Sunday retreat" where we will lead you through a journey of self discovery!

-Learn about clearing out the clutter to make space in your life for what truly aligns with your heart's desires

-Teachings on the many uses and benefits of essential oils and using them to raise your vibration

-Enjoy a soulful and relaxing yoga class lead by Laura Kerr ( of Laura Kerr Life Design), followed by a group Reiki therapy session lead by myself.

-Create and take home an oil diffuser bracelet that will remind you of your personal work and intentions from that day

Investment: 55$ /Early bird tickets are 45$

Tickets available at eventbrite.com or call 416.428.1827


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