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Cooking with essential oils can be intimidating, and many people will tell you it is just not safe. They couldn't be more wrong about that! It's all about the quality of the oils...and learning what amount is safe for everyone in your family. Cooking with oils is a great way to start experiencing the benefits of essential oils. I regularly drop lemon, wild orange, and lime essential oils into my water for detoxing and lifting my energy. I use lemongrass oil in soups, lime in my kale chips, frankincense in my morning smoothies for anti-inflammatory purposes, just to name a few.  Ask me for information or check out my Doterra page for great recipes that all include essential oil benefits. Follow the link below to see one of my fav recipes (easy too)! 

Lemon Kale Chips Recipe


Upcoming January workshop in Toronto- "Align With Your Devine Self"

Please join me, and two of my amazing wellness warrior friends (Jessica Younker and Laura Kerr) who are well versed in wellness, for a "soul-fueled Sunday retreat" where we will lead you through a journey of self discovery!

-Learn about clearing out the clutter to make space in your life for what truly aligns with your heart's desires

-Teachings on the many uses and benefits of essential oils and using them to raise your vibration

-Enjoy a soulful and relaxing yoga class lead by Laura Kerr ( of Laura Kerr Life Design), followed by a group Reiki therapy session lead by myself.

-Create and take home an oil diffuser bracelet that will remind you of your personal work and intentions from that day

Investment: 55$ /Early bird tickets are 45$

Tickets available at or call 416.428.1827



Welcome to Earth House!

I woke up this morning is the right day to get started on this project of finally creating the website for Earth House Gallery. I am not tech savvy, but I do get the basics. One thing that I think I have learned through this whole process is that nothing is ever going to be "perfect" (perfect meaning exactly the way we imagined) and that is totally ok with me! One day at a time. For my essential oil blend this morning, I am using cedarwood and rosemary...such a beautiful and relaxing start to a busy day. Essential oil fact: Rosemary is a wonderful oil for helping to detox the liver and help with digestion, and wow does it smell wonderful. It boosts mental activity and helps me to focus.